June 2013 Quarter Sales in Macmasters Beach

By Warwick Davis

Following on from last weeks look at sales for the June 2013 Quarter on the Killcare Peninsula, this week we review the same period for Macmasters Beach.

    The quarter saw 14 sales worth $9.62m
    The prior (March) quarter saw 9 sales totalling $5.79m
    The June 2012 quarter saw just 2 sales worth $1.42m

So at the half way point of the 2013 calendar year Macmasters Beach has 23 sales at $15.41m which is trending slightly ahead of the 36 sales worth $27.98m over all of 2012. A definite recovery is taking place but – as yet – doesn’t appear to be as strong as that occurring on the Killcare Peninsula. It is worth noting that Macmasters saw a sharper decline in 2011-12 than Killcare, so this recovery may still be gaining pace.

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