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Advertising Without an Asking Price

By Warwick Davis

Buyers often express frustration to us when new properties come onto the market without an asking price. This is not a practice we agree with (or have serious objections to) but it is common practice with a few of our competitors. There are several reasons given by agents to justify this approach but the real reason is that it forces the potential buyer to make themselves known to the agent by contacting them to ask the price. Naturally this adds to their database of potential buyers.

The risk with this strategy is that a buyer may just disregard the house as an option, perhaps on the assumption it is above their budget, or they just move on to the next listings that do have an advertised price and focus on them.

There is however a way to find out what price bracket the falls into without contacting the agent. As agents when we list a property online we have to set a price for search purposes, even if that price won’t be displayed. By filtering your search by price bracket until it disappears from the results you can at least figure out the bracket the agent thinks the property falls into.

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