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Macmasters Beach Pre and Post the GFC

By Warwick Davis

We have received requests to include analysis of Macmasters Beach in our newsletters. This is something that was always planned because it is an important area to our business. We manage many properties in the suburb for our landlords and have always had great success selling there due to the proximity and complimentary qualities of “Mac’s” to the Killcare Peninsula. So to kick things off I thought it would be interesting to undertake a pre and post GFC analysis as we did for the Killcare Peninsula recently.

The methodology is to look at all house sales in the 3 financial years prior to the GFC, July 2004 – June 2007, and the 3 most recent July 2009 – June 2012. The results over the respective 3 year periods were as follows.

  • Number of sales increased 15% from 92 to 106
  • Total value of those sales increased 24.8% from $77.52m to $96.76m
  • Median sale price fell 5.3% from $725,000 to $686,500
  • Average sale price rose 8.3% from $842,608 to $912,808

Macmasters obviously weathered the GFC turbulence very well with every indicator other than median price showing strong growth. The results are similar to those of Killcare Heights which was the standout performer on the Peninsula over the same period.

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