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Some Insights into the Killcare Peninsula from the 2011 Census

By Warwick Davis

The results of the 2011 census were released a few months back and we thought it might be interesting to combine the information from each of the suburbs and come up with a snapshot of the Killcare Peninsula as a whole.


The number of people stating their usual place of residence as being on the Killcare Peninsula was 1,766. This was essentially identical to the 2006 census at 1,788.


83% were born in Australia and 17% overseas.


61% state a religious affiliation with Anglicans being the largest group at 24% of the total population with Catholics close behind at 20%.


The largest 10 year age bracket is 55-64 with 19% of the population in this range. Another 30% fall in the 10 year bracket either side. In other words 49% of the population is between 45-74. Whilst 12% are between 5-14 only 6% are between 25-34 which likely indicates children moving out of the area altogether when they leave home.

Family Composition

The predominant family unit is couples without children. This was surprising as children don’t have to be living with parents to be counted as part of that family unit.

  • Couple Family with no children 268 (49%)
  • Couple Family with children 210 (39%)
  • One Parent Families 64 (12%)

Housing Tenure

Almost half (47%) of people living on the Peninsula own their home outright. Another 29% are paying off a mortgage and 21% rent. Living in “other tenure” or “did not provide an answer” makes up the remaining 3%.

So there you have it according to the 2011 census. Interpret as you will.

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