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Discover The Hidden Beaches Around Killcare

By Andrew McCall

If I asked you what beaches could be found in and around our beautiful Killcare, what would come to mind? Killcare Beach?  Maybe Putty Beach?

However there is in fact a bounty of hidden away beaches each with its own unique journey and story to tell just waiting to be explored. Despite this, many visitors to our home are unaware of these and therefore don’t get to experience holistically the magic that is on offer in our picturesque slice of earth. So in order for you to truly experience this heavenly haven, we’ve listed our favorite secluded beaches below so that you are ready for your next visit.

  1. Killcare Beach & Putty Beach, Killcare NSW

There is a reason why this beach is the most famous and well- known in the area. This stunning section of earth welcomes a refreshing sea breeze and has direct view of the rising sun. With a length of 1.6km, this beach faces the south and whales and dolphins are often seen swimming close to the shore.

  1. Little Beach, Bouddi NSW

This small but stunning beach is amazing. Reachable by a 600metre forest track, this place is so hidden you will feel alone in the world. Great for picnics and bushwalks.

  1. Bullimah Beach, Killcare Heights NSW

At the East side of Killcare Beach (Putty Beach) you will find a wooden staircase leading up onto the headland. Go up the stairs and along the length of the wooden path, marvel at the far reaching views of the horizon as you go and find yourself ending your journey at the small, secluded Bullimah Beach. This beautiful beach is so secluded, you’ll be lucky to see more than a handful of people during your stay. The beach is also accessible from Maitland Bay on foot, or by boat.

  1. Tallow Beach and Little Tallow Beach, Box Head NSW

With Tallows beach spanning 400 meters and Little Tallows 50 meters, these Father and Son beaches are perfect for a day of tranquil exploration. Reached through Bouddi National Park, these beaches offer great surfing and camping.

  1. Lobster Beach, Wagstaffe NSW

Facing West and sitting on the bay side of Bouddie, this beautiful beach is accessible from Wagstaffe. Spanning 320 meters it boasts direct views from Broken Bay, to Pearl Beach and Ocean Beach. It can only be reached on foot over a 50 meter high ridge. Enjoy a nice picnic on the sandy shore and watch the boats go by, or have a swim or a surf.

  1. Maitland Bay

Named after the SS Maitland, which sank there in 1989 (with some of the remains of which still visible on the Eastern rock platform), this stunning beach is full of history. The 600 meter South-facing beach is accessible along the coastal walk through Bouddi National Park from Putty Beach. With an abundance of wildlife, both on land and in the marine park, this beach is the perfect spot for exploration.

So next time you are planning a get away, you must come and visit all the beautiful beaches available in and around the magical Killcare NSW

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